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Our main goal is to create our newly built center in willage Söréd, county Fejér, Hungary.


Let’s build it together!

Based on our memorandum of association:

„The purpose of the “Complete Life” Social Foundation is to provide support and aid to realize the following goals:

  1. a) organizing summer holidays, as well as activities, excursions and social events throughout the year for primarily home-raised children and young adults with physical or multiple disabilities.
  2. b) providing a suitable venue for the above-mentioned summer holidays each year, as well as constant development and extension of real estate found at 46 and 48, Rákóczi Street, Söréd.”

 In order to improve conditions, provide a state-of-the-art venue for the camp services and meet requirements set by competent authorities, the reconstruction of the existing premises is absolutely crucial.

The existing house had been built in two phases. It was built on the foundation of a previously demolished building 70 years ago, using poor quality materials. Then in the structure of the house, which was enlarged 30 years ago, it has damaged, sinks at the corners, its walls are significantly cracked, and its roof, water and electrical pipes need to be completely replaced.

A static expert recommends demolishing the building and erecting a new one.

The construction of the new building may be carried out in one or two phases, depending on the availability of financial resources. The new building would be used throughout the year for a wide range of purposes. In the future, this may potentially include providing supported living services for people with disabilities.

Our foundation strives to establish the financial background necessary for the construction. Without this, our activity would be halted. We have been organizing camps since 1983 each year, and our experience is that there is still a great demand for our services.


“Teljes Élet” Szociális Alapítvány / Complete Life Social Foundation
Public benefit organization
Tax number: 18483170-1-07
IBAN: HU2910402908-29021998-0000000
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Ground floor of the planned new building

First floor of the planned new building


Site plan of the new building


Entrance facade


Courtyard facade


Street facade


The “Complete Life” Social Foundation – Our Mission

Our mission is to assist families raising children with disabilities. We wish to enable these children to come closer to living a complete life. The young people coming to our summer camps can experience friendship, social bonding and the feeling of belonging in a new environment.

We consciously aim to help students and young adults develop an open, tolerant, responsible personality and become accepting of their peers with special needs. Young volunteers involved in caretaking and other related activities are shaped by the experience of working as a member of a community among people with disabilities. This is where many of them find their calling and a life-long commitment.

Our foundation was established in 1993 to provide an organizational and financial framework for achieving our goals. Our work is aided by funding proposals, donations coming from companies and private individuals, as well as 1% designations (voluntary submission of 1% of personal income tax).


What we do

Since 1983, we have been working closely with volunteers on organizing summer camps for children and young adults with physical or multiple disabilities. Each year, the camps are held in Söréd, a village located in the foothills of Vértes Mountains near Székesfehérvár. Our success has been greatly due to the accepting and inclusive attitude demonstrated by locals in Söréd towards people with disabilities. Along with residents from other neighbouring villages, they have provided immense personal support and valuable resources to the camp.


People with disabilities – integrated summer holidays

The state has been slow to recognise its duties towards people with disabilities, therefore our charity work, which involved arranging events, excursions, trips and integrated summer holidays for home-raised children and young adults with special needs was an unequalled and exemplary enterprise for many years. Parents were convinced by the camps offering a place where children with disabilities could become members of a loving community while at the same time receiving individual care. Over the years, participants have spread the word about the camp, which has led to an increase in applicants that currently exceeds our capacity. We arrange eight, one-week long summer holiday periods each year in July and August for more than 130 people with physical or multiple disabilities mostly from Székesfehérvár and Fejér county, but also from other regions of the country.



Our first dedicated volunteers were members of the Christian communities formed in the early 1980s in Székesfehérvár. At a time when grassroot initiatives aimed at young people were deemed suspicious and banned, these volunteers pioneered in creating the conditions for the summer holidays and the spirit of the camp services. Today, we welcome around 200 young adults or students from secondary and higher education each week, who become personal helpers of their peers with special needs, as well as taking part in the organization of the camping events. These helpers spend their own vacation here, working on a voluntary basis. The camps welcome anybody who would like to join the helpers; as more and more people discover this opportunity, Söréd attracts volunteers from all around the country.


Our programs throughout the year

Our programs help leaders of the foundation, leaders of the camping events, helpers and participants stay connected throughout the year.

In spring, we provide helper skills training to prepare our helpers for their role in the camps.

In summer, we welcome participants for 8 weeks with an array of programs, including DIY activities, sports programs, acting, performances by invited artists, swimming, cruising, and bus tours. The camping services are free of charge for participants and helpers alike.

In autumn, helpers, participants and their families take part in a social event together, where hundreds of us gather to reminisce about the time in the summer camps while enjoying music, dance performances and other programs.

Further occasions for helpers and participants to meet up and deepen their friendship include: the „Santa Claus Eve” and „Farsang” (Hungarian carnival).

Our work and efforts give young people with disabilities an experience of a lifetime, motivate hundreds of students and adults to volunteer, and inspire young people to pursue occupations as helpers, or work in the fields of special education, healing and pedagogy.

Our summer camp behind the church  Volunteers at the new fence
 Under the new summer-house  In the dining room
 Craft programm in the dining room  Drawing together
 Walk in the willage  Fishing in the garden
Walk in the willage Santa Claus eve
During a bus trip Swimming in Lake Balaton
Playing in the garden Friendship
Dance at the farewell party Tableau at the end of a week



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