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New project

Let’s build our house together

Our main goal is to create our newly built center in willage Söréd, county Fejér, Hungary.

Project summary

Based on our memorandum of association:

„The purpose of the “Complete Life” Social Foundation is to provide support and aid to realize the following goals:

  1. a) organizing summer holidays, as well as activities, excursions and social events throughout the year for primarily home-raised children and young adults with physical or multiple disabilities.
  2. b) providing a suitable venue for the above-mentioned summer holidays each year, as well as constant development and extension of real estate found at 46 and 48, Rákóczi Street, Söréd.”

In order to improve conditions, provide a state-of-the-art venue for the camp services and meet requirements set by competent authorities, the reconstruction of the existing premises is absolutely crucial.

The existing house had been built in two phases. It was built on the foundation of a previously demolished building 70 years ago, using poor quality materials. Then in the structure of the house, which was enlarged 30 years ago, it has damaged, sinks at the corners, its walls are significantly cracked, and its roof, water and electrical pipes need to be completely replaced.

A static expert recommends demolishing the building and erecting a new one.

 The construction of the new building may be carried out in one or two phases, depending on the availability of financial resources. The new building would be used throughout the year for a wide range of purposes. In the future, this may potentially include providing supported living services for people with disabilities.

Our foundation strives to establish the financial background necessary for the construction. Without this, our activity would be halted. We have been organizing camps since 1983 each year, and our experience is that there is still a great demand for our services.

The old house of our summer camp behind the church

Ground floor of the planned new building

First floor of the planned new building

Site plan of the new building

Entrance facade

Courtyard facade

Street facade


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