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History of the Foundation

Since the beginning of the 80s, disabled children and young people have been vacationing near Székesfehérvár, in the small village at the foot of the Vértes Mountains, in the building of the former Roman Catholic parish. This charitable work was initiated by the late dr. István Kovács, pastor and pediatrician from Budapest, to which we, the youth and adults of Székesfehérvár, joined. At first, we took part in the chores around the house as helpers and daily delivered the necessary food from the city to the vacationers. Encouraged by this example, we started an independent holiday group in 1984.

The service in Söréd was organized by lawyer dr. Gyula Simonyi from the beginning. In his sacrificial work, there were many companions who took part in the tasks for longer or shorter periods of time. The fact that the population of the village of Söréd accepted and accommodated the injured young people contributed greatly to the success, and together with the residents of the surrounding settlements, they provided a lot of personal and in-kind help to the camp. Today, every year we vacation more than 100 persons with mobility and cumulative disabilities, mostly living in Székesfehérvárt or Fejér County.

We established our Foundation in 1993 in order to create an adequate organizational and financial background for the realization of our goals. The amounts received from tenders, donations from institutions and individuals, as well as from the 1% offered from the personal income tax, and benefits in kind made it possible to partially rebuild and expand the holiday home to accommodate people with reduced mobility, as well as cover the costs of maintenance and vacations.

The Foundation is managed by a nine-member board of trustees, whose president is electrical engineer József Deli since 1999, who has also been involved in the holiday from the beginning. The reconstruction of the building in the early 90s is due to his ambition, and took a significant part in the continuous operation of the building. The city recognized his volunteer work with the "For Székesfehérvár" award.



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