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Goals and outcomes

We consider it our primary mission to provide assistance to families raising an injured child/children at home by temporarily taking over the care of the children. For a week or two, we relieve parents of the burden of caring for them throughout the year, even for a lifetime. While young people who require constant care camp with us, their parents can relax and rest.

With our activity, we want to help young people with disabilities live more and more fulfilling lives and find opportunities to integrate into society. For children, camping means a change of environment, experiences, competent employment, as well as friendships, a sense of belonging and opportunities to meet other disabled people and the young people who help them. In a friendly, accepting atmosphere, disabled young people feel their own importance, their self-confidence grows, they learn to accept themselves and their disability, and they become more patient with their environment. They see their rights and personal responsibilities more clearly.

We consciously work to ensure that students and young adults are able to accept their fellow disabled people. Young people participating in care and related work change themselves, become spiritually enriched, open, tolerant and responsible personalities. Belonging to the community and serving among the disadvantaged will be a defining experience for them. Many people get a lifelong motivation and vocation here.

In order to improve the conditions of the camping, as well as to meet the requirements of the age and the authorities, the modern reconstruction of the building serving as the location of the camping cannot be postponed. Our foundation strives to create the necessary financial funds for this, since without it the helping activity that we have been carrying out continuously, year after year since 1984, and for which - according to our experience - there is a great demand in the future, would be interrupted.



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