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Activity of the Foundation

Every year, 100-130 young people and adults living in Székesfehérvár and Fejér county with mobility and cumulative disabilities take a vacation with the help of around 150-200 volunteer employees in the months of July and August. High school and college-aged youth, as well as young adults, and even entire families, are active during their vacation without compensation. The service in Söréd is open to everyone and has become more and more widely known over the years.

In the camps, we try to create a fun atmosphere and provide a meaningful program. During the vacation, in addition to rest and fun, various activities and games serve to strengthen the existing abilities of the injured and to correct the weaker ones. Injured young people, forgetting their limitations, take part in experiential trips. Productions by guest ensembles, crafts, sports programs and various performances add color to the camping experience.

In autumn, the helpers, the injured young people and their family members take part in a joint thanksgiving and friendly party. Other festive gatherings – Santa Claus Eve, carnival - provide an opportunity for injured and helping young people to meet and deepen friendships.



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